Powered by the sun at Kona Pacific!

Thanks to an incredibly generous donation to our school, as of Friday, January 25, Kona Pacific Public Charter School is 100% solar powered!

On Friday, we welcomed our generous benefactors to thank them.  The children cheered and were so excited when we shared the news that we are now powered by the sun!

In addition to the generous donors of the system, we are grateful to PA Harris Electric.  Following our solar power celebration, we enjoyed a very lovely multicultural assembly.  Mr. Weis told a moving story about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., several classes shared performances, and the children loved singing with musician Dustin Thomas. It was certainly one of the most moving assemblies this year.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend.

Campus Expansion This Summer!

Phase IIa campus expansion will include construction of 2 buildings holding 6 new classrooms, and expansion of the existing restrooms. Drawings of the new buildings are posted in the office, come on up and take a look!

The school’s supporting nonprofit, Friends of Kona Pacific Public Charter School, is soliciting qualified bids through May 14th. Construction will start in early June.