Contact your legislators

Please help us create a value-added program at the West Hawai‘i Community Kitchen for our local farmers and community. Your voice matters!

Kona Pacific has requested funding from the Hawai‘i state legislature to create a program for local family farms for value-added processing of their produce, the first such facility for Kona.

Your voice matters to our legislators, and if they hear from enough supporters, they may fund our project. There are two ways to voice your support:

Email Your Support

Please take a moment to fill out the email form below, and your message will be sent to:

  • Senator Jill Tokuda, Senate Ways and Means (Finance) Committee Chair
  • Representative Sylvia Luke, House Finance Committee Chair
  • Senator Josh Green, who represents our district
  • Representative Richard Creagan, who represents our district
  • Representative Ty Cullen, House GIA Coordinator
  • Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, Senate Ways and Means Vice Chair, Senate GIA Coordinator

Personalized messages are more effective than form letters, so if you can take a few extra moments, please edit our suggested message below to make it unique.

Your information will only be used to create the email on your behalf and add your name and zip code at the end. We will not retain any of your information.

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Phone Your Support

While email is the most effective way to reach our legislators, it’s also very effective to pick up your phone! If you have a few minutes after you’ve completed the email form, call the numbers below with a brief message:

“Please tell Senator/Representative [Name] that I support Friends of Kona Pacific’s GIA application for building a community kitchen.”

  • Senator Jill Tokuda: 808-587-7215
  • Representative Sylvia Luke: 808-586-6200
  • Senator Josh Green: 808-586-9385
  • Representative Richard Creagan: 808-586-9605
  • Representative Ty Cullen: 808-586-8490
  • Senator Donovan Dela Cruz: 808-586-6091

Mahalo for your help! Together, we can build a community kitchen!