A Greeting From Our New Executive Director

We are delighted to announce that Phil Centers has joined our Kona Pacific ‘ohana as the school’s new executive director. Along with our pedagogical director Greg Learned, Mr. Centers will provide daily leadership of Kona Pacific operations and academic programs. His letter of introduction to our school community follows.

Dear Parents, Students, and Community Members,

Thank you for welcoming me so kindly into the Kona Pacific Public Charter School community. I feel that the spirit of the Island has warmly embraced me in a gesture of Aloha as I join all of you in the exciting work of co-creating a learning environment for the children worthy of their hearts, brilliance and infinite potential. I am privileged to be a new member of KPPCS.

One of my favorite things is watching documentaries on how excellent films are made. It amazes me how many artists and crafts people, creatives, experts, and geniuses in many fields join together in the creating of a worthwhile film, from those who imagine the content and write the scripts and draw the storyboards to the costume and other designers, carpenters, painters, sculptors, musicians, directors, actors, editors and all those who bring form to the idea, to those who deliver the finished creation to the public such as marketers, accountants, and distributors. How do all these diverse and creative people work together on a single project in an efficient and harmonious way?! I don’t know, but it always seems miraculous.

A school is a similar miraculous endeavor, but the stakes are much higher, nothing less than the formation of wise, empathic, capable, competent and creative human beings who together will make the future of civilization and even of the Earth itself what it will be in the coming generations. Knowing how important this work of education is inspires me to give everything I have towards its positive progression. The fulfillment of our efforts is in seeing the children grow and mature on all levels daily, monthly, and year by year. This is something worthwhile indeed!


Phil Centers
Executive Director
Kona Pacific Public Charter School