Food Truck Meal Service Comes to Kona Pacific!

Among the many changes coming to Kona Pacific this year is the new food service trailer that will roll onto campus this week.

This exciting new development follows the removal of the school’s previous food service tent, in preparation for the construction of the new $1.8 million community kitchen on the 38-acre property where the school is located, and a new school building on campus.

“The food truck concept came out of the necessity to create an alternative way to serve meals to our students,” says Kona Pacific’s nutrition program manager, Kelly Shehan. “But it also provides for some inspiring new opportunities.”

Kona Pacific middle school students will be very involved with the project, starting with naming the food trailer and helping to plan the art and design for its exterior.

Future prospects also include priceless learning opportunities for the middle schoolers to learn the academic and real-life relevant skills involved with growing harvesting, preparing and selling healthy, creative menus .

Kelly is putting together a team to spruce up the food trailer and ensure that it’s in full compliance with all regulations and ready to serve the children.

“Kona Pacific is already well known for its extraordinary commitment to community nutrition,” she says. “And with this new program asset, we have a great opportunity to expand that commitment into new areas.”

The school’s three temporary tent structures – the foodservice tent and two multiuse tents – have been removed prior to the launch of the construction activities, which are slated to begin before the end of August. The anticipated completion date of the new community kitchen, which will house both the school’s community foodservice and a new value-added kitchen for local farmers, is in February 2019.