COVID-19 News

We successfully completed nine weeks of Distance Learning with our students and families! Thank you, parents and guardians, for supporting your children through this unprecedented time of school closure. While the circumstances were uniquely challenging, we hope that our students were able to experience a strong continuity of learning with what we were able to offer from school and all the fun things you were able to share with your children at home.

Now we are in Summer Break, and along with embracing all safe opportunities to get out of the house and enjoy the world again, we hope you will continue to support your children in regular learning experiences, including daily times for reading.

We continue to work with the Hawaii Department of Education, the Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission, the West Hawaii Complex Area, the Hawaii State Teachers Association, and all other relevant colleagues in determining how to reopen school in August. We will continue to forward to all Kona Pacific parents and guardians all information that impacts you, as this becomes available.

Please contact Phil at philc@kppcs.org if you have any questions about how Kona Pacific is responding to this situation.

See for the HIDOE COVID-19 website for the latest information at Updates.aspxon.http://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/ConnectWithUs/MediaRoom/PressReleases/Pages/COVID-19-Information-Updates.aspx



Happy Summer Break!

On May 29 we completed our 2019-2020 school year! All of us at Kona Pacific want to thank every parent, guardian, and community member for supporting the school and the children through the entire school year, particularly in the difficult circumstances of the fourth quarter.

This has been an important transition year for Kona Pacific, and we complete it with many things to be grateful for. Among these are:

  • A new Governing Board appointed last spring, the members of which spent countless hours over the summer and throughout the year making sure that our school meets and exceeds all that is required of us as a Hawaii public charter school.
  • A deeply talented, creative, and caring group of Teachers and EAs who make learning come alive for all students, which is the reason we’re here.
  • Two new Directors who have striven to lead the school through this transition year in a healthy and joyful manner, establishing trust, building relationships, and articulating a vision for the future.
  • Outstanding Administrative experts who over the last few years have stabilized the essential support systems in the school and set them functioning smoothly.
  • Wonderful parent volunteers (along with the members of the Governing Board, who are also volunteers!) who have given their time and talents in many ways to help Kona Pacific embrace its full potential, including in classrooms, on the Ohana Association, the Strategic Planning Team, and the School Improvement Planning Team.
  • And the students and families of Kona Pacific, who, with the staff and volunteers, make the KPPCS learning community the beautiful and vibrant ohana that it is.

As a result of all of the good work this year, and the trust expressed in us by the Hawaii State Public Charter School Commission, our charter has been renewed for five years, and our current charter has been extended an extra year in addition to this. We are very excited about moving forward into and embracing our bright future together!

We wish everyone a well-deserved and wonderful summer break!


Executive Director: Phil Centers
Pedagogical Director: Greg Learned

New mailing address:
PO Box 729
Kealakekua, HI 96750-0729

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Email: uipa@kppcs.org