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Student Council

Temporally on hold to align with CDC Guidelines

Our Kona Pacific Student Council meets regularly to discuss items of interest to the students they represent. This provides invaluable experience in collaboration and negotiation. Student Council at KPPCS is about empowering students to be leaders for themselves and their communities now and into the future.


This year the Student Council was chosen through a lottery system into which interested students entered a drawing to be picked at random. Holding a lottery instead of an election which typically elects members based upon popularity allows for all students to get a fair chance to be in a leadership position. Through this approach, we believe that Student Council can more effectively engage the diverse perspectives or our students and address real issues at the school, as well as generate projects towards a fun and happy community.


It is inspiring to see how our students have come together to make Student Council possible, under the guidance of their faculty guide, Ms. Paulete. There are always engaging discussions filled with genuine excitement.


Follow this link to see our projects for this year!

A special thanks to the Student Council team! I appreciate you and have had so much fun this far.

— Ms. Paulete

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