Student Life at KPPCS

Students at Kona Pacific Public Charter School enjoy unique benefits:

  • Their curriculum is integrated from kindergarten through 8th grade (and through 12th grade if they continue forward at a public or private Waldorf high school). This means that subjects aren't introduced in a haphazard way. The timing and content of major topics are carefully planned to optimize where students are developmentally in the journey of childhood through to young adulthood.

  • Topics don't repeat over the years because later teachers don't know what earlier teachers taught, but in a metamorphosed way. For instance, the water cycle may be introduced in younger grades as an imaginative story about two water droplets going on an exciting adventure up to the sky and then down to the ground and on to the ocean. In a later year the scientific basis of this process is presented when the students are ready for this more abstract understanding. This allows students to "keep their spark" of curiosity and enthusiasm towards learning and become lifelong learners.

  • Lessons are presented by teachers who spend hours each evening preparing live presentations, and don't rely on textbooks, worksheets, videos, and other "props" to deliver the curriculum. It is the the teacher who makes learning come alive, working with what is living in the students and connecting this to the living curriculum. Aids such as textbooks and worksheets are used to enhance live lessons, not to replace them.

  • Students create their own textbooks as a handcrafted record of what they have learned. These "main lesson books" often become family treasures.

  • Students and teachers stay together for multiple years beginning in 1st grade. The benefits of such an arrangement are vast. Teachers are able to model healthy relationships, support, and their own learning process in a much more profound way than if they just had a year with their students. Indeed, at the heart of Waldorf is the fact that teachers are also on a journey of discovery in relationship to the treasures of the curriculum, and so teacher and students are progressing together in their relationship with the amazing and mysterious world surrounding us, and the legacy of humanity.

  • Students become artists, scientists, public speakers, writers, scholars, and leaders at Kona Pacific because they engage in these subjects in a manner that allows them to really love, understand and master their content.

There is so much to being a student at Kona Pacific! Waldorf graduates worldwide are known to be creative, empathic and astute thinkers who take initiative and are problem-solvers. As a result they are sought after at U.S. universities, such as the New School in New York City, that know about Waldorf education and the graduates that typically come forward from this approach. Regardless of whether our graduates go on to university, a career in a trades skill, or some other path, they typically go forward with confidence and humility in the dance of life.

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Student Council

Our Kona Pacific Student Council meets regularly to discuss items of interest to the students they represent. This provides invaluable experience in collaboration and negotiation. Student Council at KPPCS is about empowering students to be leaders for themselves and their communities now and into the future.


This year the Student Council was chosen through a lottery system into which interested students entered a drawing to be picked at random. Holding a lottery instead of an election which typically elects members based upon popularity allows for all students to get a fair chance to be in a leadership position. Through this approach, we believe that Student Council can more effectively engage the diverse perspectives or our students and address real issues at the school, as well as generate projects towards a fun and happy community.


It is inspiring to see how our students have come together to make Student Council possible, under the guidance of their faculty guide, Ms. Paulete. There are always engaging discussions filled with genuine excitement.


Follow this link to see our projects for this year!


A special thanks to the Student Council team! I appreciate you and have had so much fun this far.

— Ms. Paulete