Governing Board

The KPPCS Governing Board aims to listen closely to community members for helpful suggestions. Please connect with a board member to share your hopes, dreams, ideas, concerns, or questions about Kona Pacific Public Charter School.


Board Members

Zachary Hosler (President)  –

Todd Gettleman (Treasurer)  –

David Paoli  (Member)  –

Judy Personius  (Member)  –



All KPPCS Governing Board Meetings will take place virtually until further notice due to social distancing. Meetings are open to all; community input and support are essential to the success of our school. To request the addition of an agenda item, please email the Board Secretary at least ten days prior to the meeting. If you cannot attend in person (virtually at this time), please submit your input in writing to the Board Secretary or the Board President two days prior to the meeting.​

Meeting Minutes & Agendas

Agendas are published at least one week prior to each meeting, and minutes are published after the following month’s meeting. They can be accessed through clicking the appropriate button below.

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Governing Board Meeting Schedule

All meetings begin at 3:30pm unless otherwise noted. Meeting details will be sent out via email, posted on this website, and posted on the schoolʻs bulletin board outside the Office.

The Board meeting dates for SY 2021-22 are listed below.












Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 815 1999 5795

Passcode: wK2CFb

Governing Board FAQs

What is the role of the governing board in a Hawaii charter school?

The roles and responsibilities of a charter school’s governing board are defined in Hawaii law. According to the Employment Law Division of the Attorney General’s office, the governing board is the statutory (legal) employer of all staff at the school. This means that the governing board is ultimately responsible for the policy and administration of the school and its staff.

Specifically, Section 302D-12(f), HRS) provides that the Governing Board shall be the “independent governing body” of its charter school and shall have “independent authority to determine the organization and management of the school, the curriculum, virtual education, and compliance with applicable state and federal laws

HRS, Section 302D-1, also provides that charter school boards shall have the flexibility and independent authority to implement alternative frameworks with regard to curriculum, facilities management, instructional approach, virtual education, length of the school day, week, or year, and personnel management.

Accordingly, while the Governing Board may (and should) delegate supervisory and personnel functions to school specific employees such as a Director, it is the Governing Board that is ultimately responsible for both policy and administrative functions and is it is absolutely obligated to closely oversee both functions.

What are the types of board membership?

There are three categories of members: Employees of Kona Pacific PCS, Community Representatives, and Parents of Kona Pacific PCS Students.

Members are elected to a two-year term. The new term begins on July 1 of every year. If a member is appointed to fill a vacancy, that term may last less than two years, depending on circumstances.

Do you have more questions about the governing board? Please send your questions to

KPPCS GB at Commission Hearing.JPG

KPPCS Governing Board (Judy Personius missing) and Past Executive Director Phil Centers at the State Charter Commission hearing where the Kona Pacific charter was renewed for five years.