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At Kona Pacific Public Charter School, parents and guardians are an integral part of the educational process. Parents and guardians create a positive learning home environment and support their children in important developmental activities.

We invite and encourage parents and community members to participate in the ongoing activities and governance of the school.

Parent Information Forums

Kona Pacific is a learning community for all community members, and we offer parents opportunities to learn more about the educational experience their children are receiving through sessions we call Parent Information Forums (PIFs). So far we have had PIFs on The Waldorf inspired Science Curriculum, How We Approach Gardening at Kona Pacific, and An Intro To Waldorf inspired Education. Please see a recording of the latter here:

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An Intro To Waldorf Education

Ohana Association

Ohana Association

The ‘Ohana Association is Kona Pacific's parent council. It is comprised of four concentric circles:


1. Four officers (chair, co-chair, secretary and treasurer) who meet regularly to carry the impulse of the parent perspective in the school. The current officers are:

Nicole Cipriani (Chair) -

Amy Sanchez (Secretary) -

Emma Gay (Treasurer) -


We are in need of a Co-Chair of the ‘Ohana Association for this year.


2. One or more parent/guardian representatives from each classroom ("class parents"), who help their child's teacher(s) arrange field trips and other class events as needed / requested, coordinate volunteers for classroom beautification events, etc., and provide feedback to the teacher(s) regarding the life of the school from a parent perspective. Class parents are chosen collaboratively by those parents stepping forward who would like to take on this responsibility, and the teacher making sure it's a good fit.

KPPCS class parents are needed for these classes:

3. A wider circle of parents / guardians who sit on major school committees such as the Strategic Planning Team, School Improvement Planning Team, School Guiding Documents Committee (formerly Policy Committee); volunteer on a regular basis in their child's classroom; and/or volunteer at various school happenings where needed. Such opportunities for volunteering at school have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

4. All parents of Kona Pacific are automatically part of the ‘Ohana Association by virtue of their being KPPCS parents.

Desirable qualifications for being a class parent include but are not limited to: a positive attitude, enthusiasm, and a passion for creating and sustaining an extraordinary learning environment for children. 

To Volunteer: If you are interested in helping at Kona Pacific Public Charter School, please contact the school office. The ‘Ohana Association will be happy to work with you to match your expertise and availability with classroom and campus needs.

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