Mission & Vision

The mission of Kona Pacific Public Charter School is to educate the whole child, in order to cultivate in young people the skills, knowledge, and values they need to reach their highest potential.


Our vision is a world in which each person fulfills their unique potential in service to the community.

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 Standards based Academic Program

The academic skills of Kona Pacific Public Charter School students are addressed and developed with the rigor and expectation of excellence through a standards based approach and the level of attention that is equal to all other aspects of our educational program. Our goal is that our students will exceed state academic expectations, through our rich program that provides an engaging and challenging academic curriculum, standards based learning, and objective focused lessons for each and every subject. With this strong focus it is our goal that they will emerge from our school with the confidence in their academic abilities that will allow them to be successful throughout their academic careers and far beyond.

Kona Pacific Arts based Approach

Kona Pacific Public Charter School strives to include many components of a Arts based school program, including developmentally-appropriate curriculum that follow state standards with emphasize the whole child through artistic expression. This approach frames the academic components within an artistic, creative and imaginative context, embracing all facets of our students’ development: intellectual, social, emotional, and physical. The daily lessons and daily and weekly rhythms appropriately engage the students’ thinking, feeling and willing, and include a balance of academic, artistic, musical, experiential, physically-active, social, and nature-based activities. Learning occurs through hands-on, authentic and small group differentiated experiences during our core lesson blocks. Class teachers often loop with their students several years. Vital is recognition of the importance of nurturing each student’s individuality and of helping each student develop into a well-rounded, inspired, competent, capable and compassionate individual. To facilitate this program, we strive to engage highly educated teachers who are experts in education or on a path to such expertise.


Culture of Hawai'i

Hawaiian culture is meaningfully honored and reflected in the school’s curriculum and culture, including through our daily integrated Hawaiian Studies (e.g., history, geography, music, hula); incorporating Hawaiian culture and language into other subjects of study; the morning protocol; and festivals and assemblies that celebrate the Hawaiian culture. The strength of Hawaiian culture and heritage is rooted and interwoven through all aspects of the daily practices of our Kona Pacific students. 


Rooted in the Land

Agricultural studies and our relationship with the land is deeply embraced at KPPCS. Students will work to tend for the land and learn how to sustain what has been given. They will practice a reverence for the beauty of Hawaii through a hands on experience.  through regular student work in the school garden; active composting and recycling programs; regular outdoor instruction, including field trips; and bringing awareness of the importance of agriculture and sustainability through other subjects of study. As is now ever the need for understanding the importance of the land the how to be a steward. Each student at Kona Pacific will learn to care and protect the land in which we are part of.