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RTI (Response to Intervention) Program

Kona Pacific’s RTI program is designed to make sure all of our students can succeed to the best of their ability. The RTI (Response to Intervention) process begins with high-quality classroom instruction and schoolwide assessing of all students in Grades 1-8. This will include beginning of the year, quarterly, and end of the year assessments to monitor student progress. If a student is identified as needing additional support, they will be moved from Tier 1 (whole classroom) to Tier 2 (small groups) to address their learning needs. If a student fails to make sufficient progress over a determined period, the student may be moved to Tier 3, which is the beginning process to see if the student needs specialized instruction.

Our RTI Program is coordinated by our two RTI Coaches: our Elementary RTI Coach Mrs. Heiser and our Middle School RTI Coach Ms. Sabin.

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