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Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian Cultural Practices Program

From the very beginning of Kona Pacific Public Charter School it was recognized that for the school to be viable in the life of the Big Island of Hawaii it had to gratefully, humbly and lovingly embrace the unique culture of the land, waters, and people of the Hawaiian Islands, Polynesia,  and specifically the Big Island which is the school's home, and incorporate this cultural impulse profoundly into the life of the school. Thus Hawaiian Culture became one of the three core features / strands of the school.


Kona Pacific has striven to keep Hawaiian cultural practices at the heart of our school, children and the land. Daily students are taught and given access to "Hawaiian Oli" as a way to center and root ourselves with the land and the spirt of Hawaii. Students are taught to respect the true meaning of "Aloha" and "Malama Aina" with an emphasis on story telling and representation of traditional pre-colonization Hawaiian practices and beliefs. 

In the past Kona Pacific has taught students the importance of the canoe in Hawaiian culture, the role of Hula and its meanings as well as the way to traditionally be sustained from the land. Our goal at Kona Pacific is to give back to the Hawaiian community and land by teaching and informing one of its most valuable resources, its children. 


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