Hawaiian Culture

Hawaiian Cultural Practices Program

From the very beginning of Kona Pacific Public Charter School it was recognized that for the school to be viable in the life of the Big Island of Hawaii it had to gratefully, humbly and lovingly embrace the unique culture of the land, waters, and people of the Hawaiian Islands, and specifically the Big Island which is the school's home, and incorporate this cultural impulse profoundly into the life of the school. Thus Hawaiian Culture became one of the three core features / strands of the school, as discussed in the Philosophy section of this website.


Kona Pacific attempted on a number of occasions over the years to implement a Hawaiian program into the life of the school, but somehow it never took root, much less thrived. This failure led to deep disappointment on the part of some community members who had striven to and put so much into making this program a reality.


At the first Kona Pacific Strategic Planning Retreat held in January, 2020, it was determined that implementing a vibrant Hawaiian cultural program was an essential strategic goal for KPPCS in the near future. A Hawaiian Cultural Strategic Planning Group was formed to explore the role of Hawaiian cultural practices in the life of Kona Pacific. This group met regularly until the pandemic hit, and proposed to the KPPCS Governing Board that the school revise its Hawaiian program as a new Hawaiian Cultural Practices Program to replace the Art program that was in place the 2019-2020 school year. The GB approved this proposal. Greg Learned was hired as the coordinator for the new Hawaiian Cultural Practices Program.


The continued impact of COVID-19 on the instructional mode that Kona Pacific was able to operate in during the first semester of the 2020-2021 school year made it extremely difficult for the new Hawaiian Cultural Practices Program to be successfully implemented, and the program was suspended until conditions allow it to begin again. We are all looking forward to this time.